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Photoshop Projects

Some of my favourite Photoshop artworks and the story behind them.

Photography Process

Synthwave Toronto

Stemming from the initial concept of finding a wallpaper to complement the Deep Purple colour scheme of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Toronto Synthwave project emerged from the fusion of my 4 month long travels and a newfound passion for the synthwave and vaporwave aesthetic movements.

The initial photo consisted of photographing the famous Toronto skyline during sunset. By combining a range of simple but effective techniques within Photoshop to blend in new colours and lighting structures, I created a simple yet well balanced composition of colours and symmetry.

Luckily I also documented the process of how I got the initial image along with a breakdown to the techniques I used.

Photoshop Process

Neon Hachi-Roku

Driven by my passion for cars and an appreciation for Japanese culture, the JDM car culture has always been a vital part of my upbringing. So naturally the chance to capture images of a custom wide-bodied Toyota 86 in Melbourne presented an exhilarating and captivating challenge. 

Upon discovering a unique neon sign tucked away in suburbia Melbourne, I was inspired to utilise its distinctive lighting features. This idea sparked my desire to experiment with Japanese typography, mirroring the captivating neon signage I had encountered on the bustling streets of Tokyo. Consequently, I was able to create a unified composition featuring neon signs translating the number plate "aiyaa 86" into Japanese,  a reflective puddle to occupy the negative space and light rainful to further enhance the dreamy aesthetic.

Halo Reach

During my upbringing, I wasn't heavily engaged in gaming. However, some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around walking across the street to my best friend's home, engaging in marathon sessions of Halo Reach until the early hours of the morning, catching a few hours of sleep, and then repeating the whole experience the next day. Those were the cherished moments when we'd stay up late, share our thoughts, and develop as individuals while we aimlessly battled aliens, an experience that ultimately fueled our aspirations to embark on creative endeavors.

Pausing to take in the sunset by the ocean, I couldn't help but be transported back to landscapes seen in Halo Reach. Inspired by this vision, I photographed the scene, incorporated mountains captured from my time in New Zealand, and superimposed planets with cosmic dust and nebulae to craft a celestial system reminiscent of the game from my youth. The resulting image became a fusion of my constant practise in blending and a wave of nostalgia.

Photography Process

Your Name

What started as a simple photoshoot inspired by the animated movie "Your Name" evolved into an extensive months-long expedition, dedicated to studying sunsets and capturing various facets of Melbourne and the countryside. The culmination of this effort transformed into a formidable undertaking, as I assembled all the elements to recreate the stunning feature poster of the film.

While it may not be flawless, this presented a challenge in a Photoshop project that pushed my boundaries. It not only tested my skills in blending and adjusting the composition's perspective but also entailed the intricate task of illustrating clouds, stars, and comets to mirror the hyper unrealistic yet beautiful animation style. The outcome was a composite I held dear, not just for its visual appeal, but for the personal journey it encapsulated. It served as a reminder of how Asian pop culture had firmly ingrained itself as a source of inspiration in my creative endeavors.

The documentation process was also a highlight to the experience which can be viewed below.

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